Wedding FAQs

We would like to see the site; can we drive up anytime to see it?

We’d prefer that you make an appointment with us so that we can ensure another group is not using the area when you arrive. Please give us a call at 231-894-5076 and we can set up a good time. We look forward to showing you the site soon!

How many bars are set up for the event? Do you provide staff to help at my event?

We have a setup for one bar and two bartenders. If you prefer additional bars and can provide a bar area, we can split this up and have one bartender for each bar. If you feel you need additional staff, please let us know and we can make arrangements.

We would like to have a champagne toast can we bring our own champagne?

Sorry, no. Due to state alcohol licensing requirements, ALL alcoholic beverages consumed on premises must be purchased through Old Channel Trail Golf Course. But we would be pleased to provide a list of prices for various champagnes and sparkling wines or other beverages of your choice.

How early can we set up our tent?

You can set up the tent 36 hours before your event to decorate, but we recommend you set it up as close to the event as possible. We are not responsible for wind/weather damage to the tent and/or decorations prior to event

Can we use the grills by the lakeside picnic area?

Absolutely! However, you will want to use foil and foil pans and you need to provide charcoal and lighter fluid.

What kind of electrical service is available?

The Old Pro Shop (the small building closest to the lakeside picnic area) is wired with 100 amp service and 60 amp fuses. We suggest renting a generator for your reception.

Can we decorate with tiki torches or other open flame items?

Yes, but keep them away from the tree limbs and other permanent structures (starter shed, restrooms)

Can you move picnic tables so that they are not in the way of our event?

Of course, they can be taken away from the picnic area. Please let us know if you would like to leave some in the area. Some guests enjoy relaxing on the picnic tables to watch the sunset.

Our guests will be arriving in buses is this OK?

Yes! The buses can drive down the road adjacent to the golf course and park in between the course and the picnic area.