OCT Wedding Insider Tips

  • When renting a tent, think about everything you want located in the tent in addition to your number of guests. For example, will you have a gift table, cake table, DJ area, dance floor, bar area, etc. This way, you are guaranteed of having enough room
  • We suggest renting sides for your tent. They can easily be tucked away, but if the evening is windy or the weather seems threatening, the sides can be put down to make the area more comfortable.
  • If you rent port-a-johns, two great ideas include renting a tent for the port-a-johns or placing them up against the existing restroom building
  • If there is a threat of rain, having umbrellas at the entrance of your tent for guests to use as they go to the restroom is a nice touch! Individual cakes on each table for the guests to treat themselves to is very nice!
  • We suggest leaving a few of the golf course’s picnic tables in the grassy area overlooking Lake Michigan for your guests to enjoy. Choosing a theme is fun, whether it is reflected in the food, the bar choices, the music or all of the above.
  • Many of the outdoor weddings and receptions have used potted annuals and ferns to decorate with. These look wonderful and they can be taken home afterwards to help decorate the yard of your own house. Your parents and grandparents can also have them as a memoir for the rest of the summer.
  • Large fish bowls filled with candy on a side table. Very cute! Ideas include Hershey’s kisses, sweet tarts, etc.